Fast and reliable electronic repair services

Do you own a laptop that is overheating? Perhaps a cellphone that won’t boot? Maybe a pet damaged device? We offer a wide variety of electronic repairs.

Repair Services

With a wide variety of repair services, we have something for everyone.

Genuine Parts

We use authentic parts, so that your device has the best chance of staying repaired!

Data Recovery

Has the end of your flash drive broken off? Got a hard drive or a sd card with pictures on it, but it is not connecting with your device? Call us for a quote!

Our goal:

"We will fix it, till we make it"

about our cOMPANY

Leading the way in consumer electronic repairs

From our mothers’ basements to our own warehouse. Solder Repair Shop Company has been a long way in the making. We started off fixing computers in high school and the idea to have our own shop has grown ever since.

why choose us

For over 12 years in the field!

We have been solving computer related issues for 12 years, fair pricing, and genuine parts from different manufacturers all around the world.

Fast Repairs
Genuine Parts
our services

We offer a wide variety of electronic repair services!

Game Cartridge Repair

Component replacing, up to replating the gold fingers, if necessary

Sd cards/ Flash drives

We offer data recovery services.


Connectors, chips, bad component replacing/removal. You name it, we offer it.


Tablets, phones, mobile consoles, we have a wide variety of mobile repair solutions.


Broken Hinges, won't power on, unable to login. We have a wide variety of laptop services.

Get support for your electronic issues!

Contact us for a custom quote!

our vision & mission

To fix what others can't, or won't.

To provide fair pricing and unmatched customer service to the general public, who we believe shouldn’t have to buy a new device because of one faulty component.

We offer a wide range of services including virus removal, password reset, and the installation of Windows.

We offer a wide variety of mobile support; device won’t boot, not charging, black screen, and more!

Need a connector or a component soldered back on to the board? Need a wire replaced? We offer a wide range of soldering services. Call or contact us for a quote!



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